Death in Vegas are back

Fiiiinally some new good dark shit from my favorite psychedelic electro rockers Death in Vegas Trans-Love Energies

Check out Your Loft My Acid featuring Austra’s Katie Stelmanis. Mesmerizing!!


DFA Records x Incase

As a celebration of their 10th anniversary DFA records has launched their own signature Snap Case for the iPhone 4. Get it while it’s hot!

And while you’re at it enjoy Holy Ghost’s latest vid Hold my breath

Hakuna Matata

Muhahaha. Ghanaian hand-painted film poster art is just freaking hilarious.

Psychedelic Friday

Here’s a little batch of good Friday tunes to get you going through the weekend.

Nurses “Fever Dreams”

ANR (Awesome New Republic) “It’s Around You”

Bj√∂rk “Moon”

120 Days “Osaka” Good stuff from Modular People

Rock Steady!

Bring out your inner B-boy and battle your friends with these super cool old school City Breakers plastic soldier toys.

World’s smallest camera

Whoa! Check it out. Finally a minicam nobody will notice when you’re making your up skirt art photography.

Via designboom

Parlez Vous French Fries?

Being in the French corner; Not many people know that french electro producer Mr. Oizo a.k.a Quentin Dupieux is also a film director responsible for wacky titles as “Rubber” – A horror/comedy flic about a tire that kills people, “Steak” – A SciFi/comedy starring fellow electro artist Sebastian Tellier and “Nonfilm” – A comedy about a young actor that accidentally shoots and kills the technical crew.

I’m not sure any of the films are any good but at least all you Trivial Pursuit addicts now have a little piece of useless info.

Rubber 2010

Steak 2007